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Mediation Worcester: Calcagni Law

The process of Mediation may be used in both contested and uncontested divorces. It may also be beneficial for parties to seek out a mediator prior to filing a Complaint to modify a previous court order. In the Mediation process, the mediator listens to the concerns and issues of each party and functions as a neutral person to help parties find a solution that each of them has negotiated and that each of them can live with. The process of mediation, whether done as formal mediation without attorney on either side, or the process of mediation in cases where there is an attorney involved can be beneficial to clients for a number of reasons.

Mediation can help parties resolve their issues without spending long hours in court. The process itself gives the client the ability to help tailor results that work for them individually and for the family as well. If a case proceeds through a trial process, whether it be a divorce, paternity, modification, etc, there are numerous hours spent in court and the final determine (Judgment) effecting your life and the lives of your family are left in the hands of a judge. Through mediation, although you may not obtain everything you are seeking, you will still be in control of the final outcome.

Whether it is a divorce or other family related matter, many hours and significant monies may be saved by seeking mediation.

Please note: a Mediator, cannot, if he or she has spoken to either side alone, work as a mediator. If you contact an attorney for a consultation please advise the attorney immediately if you are seeking mediation. As the process of mediation is meant to be as a neutral, unbiased person, this position is compromised if either side has already told “their side of the story” to a mediator. A mediator, even if he or she is an attorney, does not give legal advice. The mediator participates as a neutral person and tries to help the parties reach an agreement on their own term by encouraging compromise.